10" x 10" x 3 1/2 Corner Bumper

10" Dock Bumper
10" Dock Bumper
Item# DC10

Product Description

10" Dock Bumper
Our corner bumpers are made to protect your water vehicles from the most unforgiving part of the dock. . The sculpted sides and nose provide an attractive finish with plenty of surface area for easy mounting. They are rotationally molded for long lasting quality.

Material: Marine Grade PVC This formulation is designed to be both soft and strong. It provides great cushioning under impact and will always return to the original form. It is made for a long life with UV and antifungal protection and will not fade tear or become waterlogged.

Installation: For wood docks use #6 or #8 finishing screws to fasten these bumpers to your dock. These bumpers were designed with a one inch solid outside flange for fastening to your dock.

For metal dock use rivets along the outside solid flange to fasten these bumpers to your dock hardware.