Quality Foam Filled Dock Floats, Accurate Tank-Tested Buoyancy Ratings, Float Durability/Performance and Over 60 Standard. Sizes Are Key to Choosing the Best Flotation

Dock Floats
Unmatched Quality; Quality begins with the best raw materials – virgin LLDPE resin for the outer shell and virgin EPS foam for the low water absorbing fill -and continues with time-tested manufacturing processes backed by rigid quality standards and a goal of exceeding industry standard tests. The result is the highest quality Premier float that delivers a 40 year life expectancy and the best ROI for your flotation investment.

The structural integrity and performance of flotation is compromised when resins or foam containing regrind materials or any off-spec materials are used. A float made with these less expensive materials often fails basic structural integrity tests such as the ASTM D1998-04 Falling Dart Test and the 7-Day Hunt Water Absorption Test. Despite all quality processes in place, using less than virgin materials makes it very difficult to manufacture floats with the uniformity of outer shell, foam fill and buoyancy that you can depend on to support your dock system for the next 40+ years.

Outer Shell Durability and ASTM D1998-04 Performance; The best float shell is one made of virgin polyethylene resin mixed with the correct level of UV inhibitor and carbon black. Using “out of spec” resin, regrind and/or improper mixes of resin and UV Black can result in below minimum wall thicknesses, improper shell curing that leaves air bubbles in top 3" of the wall, and premature failures when stressed by impacts and loads. That’s why all float makers should regularly test for wall thickness and impact resistance. Impact resistance testing should be done as specified in ASTM D1998-04 Falling Dart Impact Test.

Our consistent and tested dock float wall thickness is 0.150” (0.381 cm) nominal. No spot in the dock float shell will be less than 0.125"(0.318 cm) at any point. That's why Our dock floats exceed the ASTM Falling Dart Impact Test even when subjected to -20°F (-6.7C) testing temperatures. The float shell is seamless so there are no weak weld points to fail. And, structural ribs on both the top and bottom deliver added strength and durability. External mounting flanges and slots are an integral part of each dock float design. You never have to penetrate the float body to attach a float to a floating dock frame; so you never compromise the dock float water tight integrity or introduce an unnecessary failure point. And installation is much faster and easier, as well. Use nut, bolt and washer combinations on steel and aluminum frames, and lag screws and washers on wood frame floating docks

Other sizes and Volume Pricing is available.

2'x3'x8" Dock Float
Regular price: $105.00
Sale price: $94.50
2'X4'X8" Dock Float
Regular price: $123.00
Sale price: $110.70
2' x 4' x 1' Dock Float
Regular price: $124.00
Sale price: $111.60
2'x4'x16" Dock Float
Regular price: $143.00
Sale price: $128.70
2'x4'x20" Dock Float
32"x42"x18" Dock Float
20"x6'x8" Dock Float
3'x6'x16" Dock Float
Regular price: $265.00
Sale price: $165.00
4'x4'x1' Dock Float
4'x4'x20" Dock Float
4'x5'x1' Dock Float
4'x6'x1' Dock Float
4'x6'x20" Dock Float